David Holl

The Everglades and Old Naples
Landscapes of Somerset and Devon
Balloon Fiesta, The Somerset Willow Man, Platinum QE2, An Apple a Day, Royal Procession
Somerset Art Week in Somerset, England
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    Click on a painting below for a larger view. The resolution is set low for quick loading. Vibrant colours and more!
    An exciting tribute to Swamp Buggy Races in Florida.

    Click for a larger picture of 'Swamp Buggy Races' - Oil on board
    'Swamp Buggy Races'
    © D.Holl Oil on board 16in x 12in.

    This original oil painting and limited edition prints are available on 13in x 19in Quality Archival Paper.
    Vanity in Poultney Street.

    Click here for a larger picture of Hollywood comes to Bath. Original Painting.
    'Hollywood comes to Bath'
    © D.Holl Oil on board 26in x 18in.

    An oil painting tribute to International Stars Reese Witherspoon, Gabriel Byrne, Director Mira Nair and the cast and crew filming in Bath, England.

    We welcome you!
    Click for a larger picture of Foon Ying. Original Painting  280.00
    'Foon Ying'
    © D.Holl Oil on board 12in x 16in.

    This original oil is for sale plus a few limited edition prints on 13in x 19in archival paper.
    Click for a larger view of 'Lost at Kilve'
    'Lost at Kilve'
    © D Holl Oil on canvas 24in x 20in
    A painting for Maserati fans!!

    Click for a larger image of 'Mission for a Maserati' - Oil on board.
    'Mission for a Maserati'
    © D.Holl Oil on board 24in x 18in.

    This original oil painting and signed limited edition prints
    on A3+ (13in x 19in) Heavyweight Quality Paper are available.

    Click to see a larger image of Malaysian Birdwing
    'Malaysian Birdwing'
    © D. Holl Acrylic 24in x 18in

    This original acrylic and 13in x 19in limited edition prints on archival quality paper are available.

    'Love is in the Air'
    © David Holl 16in x 12in Oil on board
    This original oil on board is for sale, plus 13in x 19in prints on archival paper.

    David Holl paid tribute to Reese Witherspoon, Gabriel Byrne, Mira Nair and Cast and Crew filming 'Vanity Fair' in Poultney Street, Bath. An oil painting depicting the tension of an Auction for a Maserati Spyder sports car. He created an acrylic painting depicting the magnificent Trodes Helena Cerberus, female Malaysian Birdwing Butterfly. David saw a little Chinese boy with his two kittens in a farmhouse in southern China and thought it a good subject.
    'Love is in The Air' was based on Autumn foliage at the Westonbirt Arboretum. During a visit to Florida, he created a vibrant oil painting on board of the exciting Swamp Buggy Races of Naples, Florida. Lastly a pair of golf paintings with a touch of comedy on The Burnham and Berrow Golf Course.

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